Assistant Owner Rule Book

Elite Admin - When someone is trolling you need to:
1. Politely tell them to stop what they are doing


2. If they continue then you need to give them a warning. Warnings should look like:  !warn (user) Warning 1 - (Reason)

3. If they continue after the warning then you need to send them to prison for 5 days using - !prison (user) - then after 5 days you need to unprison them using - !unprison (user)


There is an appeal channel that they go to so you can unprison them if their appeal is valid.

4. When they are taken out of prison and they continue to cause trouble then please kick them using - !kick (user)


5. If they join back and are still causing trouble you can soft ban them using -!softban (user)

6. If they join back and continue to cause trouble please perm ban them using -!ban (user)


7. You guys have access to chat in private areas and you have a lot of exclusive events you can join in on and have fun at!


If they have 5 or more warnings then please ban them using step 6!

If they have 3 or more warnings then please soft ban them using step 5!



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