Terms and Conditions:

By being a part of TOBY Clan you agree that you must change your Epic Username to include TOBY in-front of the previous name.

Whilst in TOBY Clan we will in no way take any money from you. All of your prize winnings, merchandise, twitch donations and any other source of income will 100% be only for you.

You agree that you are an ambassador for the clan and therefore must not commit in any illegal or immature behaviors. Any drama involving you will result in you being kicked out of the team.

You agree that you must promote the clan in the description of any YouTube video you publish. If you fail to give credit to the clan in the description of your videos will result in a strike. After five strikes you will be taken out of the clan.

You must be kind and respectful to all people in the discord server.

TobyNight95 will be able to remove you out of the team at anytime if you fail to follow the Terms. He may also remove you if he feels as you have done something wrong. It does not need to be for a reason listed in these Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for reading all the Terms and Conditions. Now here is a cookie.

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